A little peace

Good morning, These following words, I can’t be sure they’re mine. They may belong to my higher self. But I am definitely not channeling this one. Yesterday, as I mucked stalls unclogged a drain, did Charity work, amazing unprecedented events happened at our nation’s Capitol. I am forever thankful for the strong foundations of our […]

A Retreat

At first it sounds like defeat. But then, a retreat is a place of solitude. Where we go to find ourselves again. Do you need a retreat from the new parameters of life with we are facing? The guides have some advice for us for these turbulent days. We want you to know we love […]

How to get unstuck

Good morning! The guides have a message for you. Whether you read it when I first post this, or if you are finding this post a while later, know that you are seeing it when it is most informative to you. Here’s the message from my guides: First, we want you to know that you […]

What is your purpose?

Well, it’s been quite a while since I did a blog post! I’m back! Today I am posting a reading that I did for someone, and my guides want to share their message with others. We want you to know that the true purpose of every life is to be the universal unconditional love that […]

The boring long version

In my last post, I mentioned that the channelling session I had was really long. If you want to read the whole (punctuation and spelling corrected) session, here it is, even my very personal greeting that I say: Good morning Leyanaka, spirit guides, all my loved ones, and all those non physical beings here for […]

Manifesting Romance and Financial Security

This cute photo is what the feeling of total security looks like to me. I have been away for a while, things have been so busy at the farm. This morning I was really drawn to speak with my guides. It became quite a long session, where I asked about my channelling. If you’re interested […]

Replace the digital sim-phony

Good moring Spirit Guides.  What advice do you have for anyone who will read this blog? We know that everyone will read this at the appropriate time that is right for them. We are here to say that everyone has intuition and can access it if they practice a quiet mind. It is an insight […]

Whaddaya Want?

I haven’t had anyone sending me questions for my guides in a while, so I asked my own question: What advice do you have for anyone that comes across this message? We want you to know that whatever time you find this message it will be the appropriate time for you to receive the message. […]


Is this thing on? I have not written in quite a while. Yesterday, I was online (shocker, I know.)  On FB, I commented on a few posts, with no replies. My ego was a little hurt, but I then told myself not everyone is paying attention to you and you don’t always hit ‘like’ on […]

Is this message meant for you?

Hello everyone!  I have been absent from writing for quite some time. The summer is always busy for me because of our farm, and yes, I DID sell my old house!  There have been very few questions coming in for me to ask my guides. Now that we are nearing Samhain and the veil is […]