When will it happen?

This morning I asked my spirit guides to help me with my own issue: manifesting the right buyer for my house.  Here’s how the conversation went, with the spirit guides’ advice in italics. I hear “Let It Be” in my head. That is the message for you today let it be- let it all be as […]

Are you present?

Michael from Grafton asks: I feel like I often cannot enjoy the here and now enough, but rather feel the time slipping away in moments that are very precious to me. Is there a way to connect to the surroundings, to nature, to my animal companions, or the spirits that can help to stay in […]

Angels and Demons

Happy belated Beltane! I don’t know about you, but now that winter has finally left, I have a lot of catching up to do outdoors. Living on a farm, that means a LOT of work. Good thing I enjoy it.  I had mentioned my next post would be about Angels and Demons, and here it […]

Loss of a loved pet

When I asked this question, the answer kept growing. A few days after I was done, the guides had more to say and I found myself sitting down to channel instead of getting my to-do list accomplished.  In fact, they decided to tell me a lot more, and I will transpose that into a few […]

Am I doing enough good?

This question came from Sue from Berlin: “Am I doing enough good?” This is a question I ask myself, so I was eager to hear what the guides had to say about it.  Their message is for everyone. We want her to know that any good she does is enough. She will feel the love […]

The future is fluid

Do you have a question you want answered? Please send it in! My email is suzannawitch@gmail.com. Today’s question from P.B. in MA asks: When should I retire? Here’s advice for everyone from the guides: “People always want to know things with a definite date but the future is a fluid thing; it changes as the […]

Career Questions, Part Two

Hi again! Here’s another job related question.  First, check out Monday’s first paragraph for some general advice to everyone.  Also, please feel free to send me a question you want to ask about anything, and I may use it in one of my Q&A blog posts. Thanks! Today, Jess from Brookly, CT,  wants to know […]