A Retreat

At first it sounds like defeat. But then, a retreat is a place of solitude. Where we go to find ourselves again. Do you need a retreat from the new parameters of life with we are facing? The guides have some advice for us for these turbulent days.

We want you to know we love you and that the universe is always expanding to accommodate the manifestations of the whole. That may seem counterintuitive because what one person wants may seem like the opposite of what another person wants. If they cannot see that the kernel of their so called desires are actually the same, they argue.  It is unfortunate that this leads to clashes and stress and fear. We want you to know that you must center yourself at every opportunity and see that there is a kernel of good in everything, even that which you do not like. And we hear you say “How is there any good in the maltreatment of others?” and we say to you there is not. What there is, is a kernel of good in the ability of others to stand up for what is being suppressed. There is a kernel of good in the fanning flames of desire for something better. Every discomforting thought shows you that which you do want with your higher self. It is never a material thing. It is always a state of being that you are reaching for.

There is a movement to retreat, to relocate, to isolate. This is not necessarily a bad thing, because you need to find a place, or a moment, where you can appreciate all that is good around you before raising your vibration to attend to the things in life that need attending. It is imperative that you re-center and raise your energy every day for yourself, and for others who cannot.  If this happens by removing yourself from that which causes your energy to lower and be negative, that is fine. Noting is absolute. If you leave a group or an area, there is always the opportunity to return. You do not need to stop communication with the people you care for that are still in that group or area. Isolation is not the equivalent of abandonment.  You cannot help others if you have been drained yourself. You cannot care for others if you haven’t cared for yourself.  In each moment, look for the tiniest good as your kernel of positive energy on which to grow. There is always a good moment on which to grow. When in doubt, look to nature which always offers us the opportunity to raise our positive energy.  A beautifully colored fall leaf, a happy dog, a birdsong, the victory growth of a weed through a pavement crack.  When feeling down, reach for a positive energy item on which to anchor your energy, and then when you are centered, you will find the ability to deal with the negative.  In terms of math, you are constantly raising the average through this method.  When you are tired, and you will get tired of the clashes, you will find it easier to let go of the thoughts that drive your fear.  This is important because you need to release and not resist. You cannot continue to complain about that which you do not what while trying to move toward that which you do want. To give you a relevant (and humorous, we think) analogy you have Halloween candy. You do not like candy corn. You tell everyone how much you hate candy corn and that it should be removed from the cupboard. To you we say, why are you complaining about candy corn? There are so many other candies out there. Your favorite chocolate is here, but you are so busy complaining about the candy corn that you do not see or enjoy the chocolate. Eat the chocolate, turn your attention to the enjoyment of the chocolate. Remove your energy from the candy corn and your energy level will raise. The candy corn will eventually disintegrate from lack of attention.  We know life does not seem this simple, but if you break down each conflict within yourself to the simplest terms, you will find that you are taking small steps every moment toward your higher self and your desires. Instead of fighting against a conflicting point of view, embrace and live your point of view from a higher vibration and energy, and ask the others of lower vibration and energy to com join you.

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