What is your purpose?

Well, it’s been quite a while since I did a blog post! I’m back! Today I am posting a reading that I did for someone, and my guides want to share their message with others.

We want you to know that the true purpose of every life is to be the universal unconditional love that is the universe and which we are all a part. We know that most people do not accept this as an answer because they like to have specifics. To this we say to you: by finding joy, however small, at every moment that you can, you raise your vibration and therefore attract more joys to you and the results are exponential. We do not mean that you have no career or life, but that you find the joys within everything. These small changes will align you in increments to that which you truly enjoy. Your purpose -as you are very focused on- is not a job description, but a state of mind. As you learn to love yourself and respect yourself you will find that the tasks you are asked to do become more aligned with that which you want and less of what you do not want. To linger on that which you do not want is to align with that lower vibration and thereby attract more of it. Do not linger, for it keeps that vibration active by reliving the unpleasantness through complaints. Let it flow through you and realign your thoughts with that which brings you joy.  As you do so, you will gradually find your true purpose.  You may ask, what is my true purpose? And we say to you, if you do not know it yourself from this place of low vibration, we can only point you to a higher vibration from which to ask the question. The answer will reveal itself to you. If you look at yourself the way your higher self sees you, and rejoice in all the beautiful things about yourself that you do not give as much value as you should, you will see that you are a giver and a lightworker that will bring benefit to those with whom you interact. You may be a counselor, a hairdresser, or clerk, but that is not what is important. What is important is that you find the joy of where you are at the moment, and as your energy floats higher and higher with each day (we know there will be lulls, it helps you see how far you’ve come) you will raise others with you.  Your purpose in terms of a “job” is less important than your purpose to be a source of light and love to those that come into your reality.  We want you to know that you create your own reality, and that you must take responsibility for your state of mind. You have a choice of thoughts to take in every situation. If you are presented with a situation that is unpleasant, you have the choice to focus on all the unpleasantness and another individual who may be involved. One of your many other more positive choices is to see that your current energy has attractied this situation to you, and helps you to discern that which you do want that will bring you joy.  We understand how hard it is for a person to be thankful for what they perceive is a negative experience. We see it as the message to redirect your energy to a positive experience. 

We want you to know that we love you so much and that we are with you at every moment. You can see yourself with the unconditional love in which we view you. We know that as you become more aware of this, you will find that your purpose is joy in each moment, and because you are full of love and gratitude for the joy you have found, you help others find that joy and love within themselves. It is not your “job” to give away your positive energy, for it is infinite. It is not your “job” to stress because others are stressed. If you can see how the other’s stress has expanded to include you, you will see that it also works with joy and peace. Expand the joy and peace you have to include the others. Only they can lift themselves and you must stay at the higher vibration to guide them up to the high energy that you possess.  As you practice this, you will see that your energy over time becomes ever more positive and ever more radiant, bringing ever more joy and peace to you.  You do not need to seek anyone or anything, your energy will align and bring it to you.  It will happen in steps.  Take a small step at this time that will bring you relief and ease at this time.  Then the next and the next. 

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