Manifesting Romance and Financial Security

This cute photo is what the feeling of total security looks like to me.

I have been away for a while, things have been so busy at the farm. This morning I was really drawn to speak with my guides. It became quite a long session, where I asked about my channelling. If you’re interested in reading about that, I will post it separately.My half of the “conversation” is in italics.

Can you explain how thoughts become things?

This is an involved process for those who are not experienced with the concept or who have a hard time letting go of current beliefs. We want you to know that everything is energy and as such you put forth the energy pattern that aligns with what will manifest. If you were very adept at this process the results would be immediate. But since you have the background vibrations of that which is the current situation, the manifestation takes what you call time.  We will not get into the idea of time during this session because it is very involved for one to understand that time is another manifestation.

So are you saying that if I do not pay attention to the current state of things, and only think about the enjoyment of that which I wish to manifest, it will manifest?

This is true if you are in the joy of your desire and not the idea of where is that which I desire. 

What advice do you have for someone who wants to manifest financial freedom and security?

We say to you that you have all the wealth you desire at this time and to look for the wealth where you least expect it. It is appreciation of all that is around you even where you owe money. For are you not appreciative of the new electricity system that you have in your house and you show your appreciation by giving the electrician payment?  Do you not appreciate the love and affection of your loved ones by providing them with food and comfort and returned love?  It is only when you feel the appreciation so thoroughly that you will be in alignment with financial security. The more that you can reach for that feeling and stay in that feeling, the more you will adjust your vibration to match continued financial security and continued feelings of abundance that will manifest as such. When you see a small token of the manifestation of this feeling, you should rejoice for it is the confirmation that you are heading in the right direction, rather than one’s tendency to remark that the token is too little for what one wants.  It is not bad that you want what you want, but know that you must appreciate what you are receiving before you can increase what you are receiving. To comment that it is not enough is to activate the vibration of “not enough” and that is where many find failure in themselves, for this feeling stops the flow of abundance and appreciation. Do not say it is hard to appreciate so little, because then you are activating the vibration of too little. Take a few seconds every day, hour, minute to just appreciate those things which you may take for granted such as a cold drink on a hot day, a vehicle to transport you to where you want to be, a comfortable seat after a period of work, a quiet moment after a time of cacophony.  You see the list can go on. Your ability to walk, talk, smile, think far outweighs your irritation from pollen in terms of appreciation.  We will not bore you with our infinite list of things to appreciate. You must create your own list every day and see how this changes your attitude and your manifestations. If you can do this for a week and take notes of your appreciation and then also take note of the good things that happened to you during the day that may have otherwise gone unappreciated if you were not now taking time to reflect on those good things, you will see those good things constantly increase Think of how much more exciting this will be if you do this continuously and joyously for one month, a year, into years.  Change is always gradual and as you evolve from a state of lack into a state of appreciation, you will feel your security and your abundance grow. We know that you see almost everything in terms of financial security and that is how the world in which you live operates, but you will also see that your reality of abundance and appreciation will manifest in this financial oriented world in which you operate. 

What if it is not a financial situation but a romantic situation?

We say to you that the same is true. Do not hold onto ideas that are not working for you are preventing further development of that which you wish to manifest.  If you have an idea of the romantic relationship that you desire, do not maintain less satisfying aspects of your life on the idea that you are working toward that which you desire.  Do not visit places that do not bring you joy or appreciation because you believe that this will bring the romance you seek, for in being in unjoyous situations your are activating the vibration of lack or of unjoyousness. Release that which no longer works for you in your life, whether it be for financial or romantic desires.  Seek that which will raise your vibration with new employment that encourages your optimism or a new hobby that brings peace and enjoyment. Release the things that you may be doing from habit that bring you only feelings of discontent. Explore new ideas and activities even once to stimulate your brain into new patterns of energy and thinking, and let the new vibrations of novelty and curiosity raise your vibration to attract that which you desire. 

We have covered much broad ideas here and if you take baby steps into a new world of appreciation you will find that you are proceeded from a place where you are discontented to a place where you are content and full of abundance of all aspects of your life.

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