Replace the digital sim-phony

forestGood moring Spirit Guides.  What advice do you have for anyone who will read this blog?

We know that everyone will read this at the appropriate time that is right for them. We are here to say that everyone has intuition and can access it if they practice a quiet mind. It is an insight or a listening to the inner self, the voice that answers the questions you ask yourself.  It is an interesting duality for you to know that your consciousness is there, but that there is also a deeper inner voice that you know is there and can hear when you quietly listen.

What is it that we should listen for?

Listen for the truths that come from a place of love.  You will know the truth of the inner voice by the wash of warmth and love that you receive when you hear the voice. There are some people (such as yourself) that experience the overwhelming emotion of joy that can also feel like the urge to cry. This is when you are in alignment with your higher self and you are feeling the universal love.  Many times this feeling lasts only a few seconds but once you know what to look for you can reach for that feeling and know its truth when you feel it, for this feeling cannot be simulated.

Listen to the inner voice at these moments to help guide you to the answers you seek. The answers may seem cryptic but will reveal themselves as indicators to the concrete answer as you work toward it. We know that this information we have given will seem confusing to you so we will provide an example:

In this feeling of universal love, you may see the image of a person’s face but you do not know who this person is.  Then in the future, as you are going about your daily activities, you look up and recognize the person you are regarding as the person in the image.  You then notice the profession, the words the person speaks, the writing on the side of the vehicle he or she is driving, and this information inspires you to a new flash of insight to the answer you seek.

Why not just give the answer clearly during the moment of universal love?

Because you have to reach the answer yourself. To fully understand the process, you must reach the answer because it will mean that much more to you and you will have a much greater understanding of your issue.

And once you have felt this process you can reach for it much easier each time. We present to you the information needed to help you make the connection on your own because you have much more growth of your spirit in that way.

We understand that in your current environment there are so many sources of information coming to you from every means and this can be both helpful and also a detriment, for this information suppresses your inner self’s voice.  As you begin to raise your vibration and energy level to be more in tune with your inner wisdom and with universal love, you will become more aware of the distraction of the flood of information to you. We do not mean that you should isolate yourself from information. We suggest that you find time to listen to the inner wisdom through meditation or through experiencing nature. And here we must interject that experiencing nature should be done without the devices that are so common to everyday life such as headphones and cell phones. There is much to hear through the natural world and the inner self.  Replace the digital sim-phony with the symphony of nature.

If you feel that you have not progressed over time to where you desire to be, compare where you are now with where you were 6 months ago, a year ago, two years ago.  From this perspective you will see how much you have progressed and take the time to be thankful for the progress you have made and how you have expanded.  From that point you will be refreshed to begin looking forward again and moving forward in the expansion to your desires for the highest and best good.

2 thoughts on “Replace the digital sim-phony

    1. When you are no longer in alignment with something, you will feel it within you. What once brought you a feeling of anticipation may now bring a feeling of indifference. It can be a gradual change. With all things, it is best to recognize the immediate reaction, then try to observe it objectiviely. For example, dance lessons. What once brought feelings of progress and excitement may now bring feelings of tedium. Looking at the situation, you may still enjoy dancing, but perhaps it is a change in the type of lesson, or a hiatus, that is needed. There is no need to give up dancing entirely because it is the lesson procedure, not the act of dancing, that is ready to be given up.


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