Whaddaya Want?

gold-coins-500x500I haven’t had anyone sending me questions for my guides in a while, so I asked my own question: What advice do you have for anyone that comes across this message?

We want you to know that whatever time you find this message it will be the appropriate time for you to receive the message. Everyone is on a different path and so this message will resonate with each person at different times according to his or her need.

We want you to know that everything unfolds exactly as it should. There is no wrong. It may feel like there are great injustices in the world, but realize that you were made aware of injustices and other events that do not resonate well with you so that you could refine what it is that you do want to manifest in your life. For each thing that you know that you do not want, you are clearer on what you do want.

And so you say next, how does that do me any good?  We say to you focus on what it is that you do want, and feel how good it will feel to be with what you do want. We are not referring to material items, we are referring to emotion and feeling. You will think you want money and riches. We want you to feel like what it would feel like being rich and without care of money. Sit in a feeling of security. Feel secure, and feel worry free, even for a moment. For each moment you can feel the relief, you attract more of that feeling. And you say to us, I am always aware of the bills that need to be paid. We say to you, you can set aside one minute of your day today to let go of that worry. Be in that moment. Your body and your spirit will feel so much better for one minute. The bills do no change size in that one minute. It costs nothing. The gain is everything, for now your spirit has something to reference. If you need to picture the luxury item to be able to experience the feeling of security, that is acceptable. The luxury item is not the goal. The feeling is the goal. For each moment that you can daydream (as you say), you attract the vibration of security. 

You say to us, this will not pay my bills.  You are correct. But you can be an unhappy person with bills to pay, or you can be a happy person, knowing what security feels like, with bills to pay. Which one feels better? It may seem as if the security is very far off, but it is not. It costs only one minute to feel secure for one minute. If you were to practice this each day at least once, your body and spirit will feel more secure. It is our intention that you merely feel better even for a moment in order to bring yourself into alignment with where you want to be. Each moment adds onto the feeling.

But what good does this do me? We hear you ask. As each drop of water eventually will fill a bucket, know that each moment of feeling secure raises your vibration and moves you away from the lower vibration feeling of insecurity. Over time, as you take each moment to feel better, you will learn that when you feel overwhelmed you can take a moment to reach for that feeling of security and it will offset the feeling of being overwhelmed.  In time, you will find that your habits change to reflect the better feeling, and your woes will lessen.

So you now ask, does this mean I don’t have to worry about spending money? We will tell you that you will find a shift in perspective, where once you sought a better feeling through a purchase, you will now find a better feeling through imagining security. You will start to take inspired action from a place of higher vibration rather than having a reaction of fear or insecurity. 

Much of your society is focused on immediate results and so you are conditioned to expect immediate results. We say to you, winter does not arrive in full force on a particular day. It gradually increases in strength. You did not arrive in your financial situation in one day, but accrued it over time.  As winter wanes because the days grow longer, so will you find that your situation will improve as you focus on the higher vibration feeling of being secure, and the inspired action it engourages.

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