Is this message meant for you?

CaptureHello everyone!  I have been absent from writing for quite some time. The summer is always busy for me because of our farm, and yes, I DID sell my old house!  There have been very few questions coming in for me to ask my guides. Now that we are nearing Samhain and the veil is thinning, I am channeling more (now is a good time to schedule a reading with me, if you are searching for guidance.)  Or maybe because I have reached a new level of peace. ANYWAY… this morning as I was meditating, I started getting a messages which impelled me to write them down. The channeling is in italics, my own thoughts are not.

You are wanting to know why people do not send more questions and we are here to explain that you do not need specific questions all the time because we can provide a suggestion to everyone and it will reach those it needs to reach and they will get the inspiration for which they are searching, for their issue at hand. It has always been this way and we are glad that you have reached the stage of enlightenment where you are in alignment with this concept also.

Thank you I am glad to know I am there.

We want you to know that everything happens in the order it is supposed to happen and for the benefit of all involved. Although an event may seem traumatic and negative at the time, it is happening because it is bringing forth new perspectives to the people involved. Some of the people will release the resistance to ideas and move in the direction of their desires from this crucible event, and other will increase their resistance and find that more of the same presents itself to them to match the vibration of the resistance. We are always stressing that you must focus on the feeling of where you want to be- which you like to call daydreaming- and not to focus on the mechanism of how that desire is to be achieved because you must let events unfold to get you to that desire. 

So there are people who will rejoice in every small desire being achieved and there will be people who are never satisfied because there are always more desires to be attained as you go through life. For example you will always have a desire for the next meal so you can enjoy each one or be frustrated that once you have eaten and a little time has passed, you desire another meal. 

So is having desires the same as hungering for things.

If you put it that way. You are always experiencing things which create new desires. Some of those desires are fleeting, like wanting a sweater when the weather cools. Some of those desires are more permanent changes like finding a partner with whom you can live in harmony for many years. Both of those desires can be achieved in the same amount of time depending on your alignment with the feeling of already having those desires.  But if you are to immediately go from wanting a sweater back to complaining about the cold, then you will have that much longer until you come around to getting  your sweater. Similarly,  for finding your partner:  if you are complaining that you are alone, you are not experiencing the feeling of peace and contentment you wish to have when you are together.  From a more practical point of view, if you are with friends, you want to be with the friends who are positive and enjoying the moment, not the sad sack who is always bemoaning what is missing.  The same is true with aligning with the partner of your desire. He or she cannot come into your environment if you are sending out a vibration of aloneness when they are at a vibration of togetherness.

We can also apply this concept to money. You cannot experience abundance if you are continually bemoaning the lack of things around you. What you see is not always what IS. There is no lack of money in this world, it is your current experience that it is not in your vicinity. Therefore we suggest you focus on the sense of accomplishment of what you do have and give yourself congratulations for what you have achieved. We understand there may be feelings of guilt for a purchase, or resentment that someone else has the shiny car that you desire. But we want you to know that those feelings are pushing away the feelings of abundance because they are negative ideas about money. Return to congratulating yourself on what you have achieved. 

Relationships and money are the biggest areas of desire and resistance in your society and therefore there are many aspects of resistance and obstacles that drag down your vibration and away from alignment with that which you desire.  We hope that touching upon these ideas bring forth new thoughts from different perspectives for those who read these words, and we hope they inspire higher vibrations. We welcome more discussion on this topic.

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