When will it happen?


This morning I asked my spirit guides to help me with my own issue: manifesting the right buyer for my house.  Here’s how the conversation went, with the spirit guides’ advice in italics.

I hear “Let It Be” in my head.

That is the message for you today let it be- let it all be as it is and love and enjoy the moment- every moment that you experience- and you will be in alignment with source.

How do I change my story from what is to what I desire? It seems hard to escape that which I am faced with every day.

We say to you that you are an excellent daydreamer and to align with the outcome you desire is to daydream that outcome and feel with every emotion. The result you are aiming for. We want you to know that when you do this, you are activating that vibration of the outcome you desire. But when you are trying to see the problem/issue in new ways you are still activating the vibration of the problem at hand. You do not need to activate that because it is already in your reality. What you need to do is activate the energy of the desired outcome.

I understand that, I seem to circle back to the problem especially when someone talks about it.

You need to discuss how good it feels to know that there is a solution that is coming to you. When not confronted with the issue, you should enjoy each and every moment that you can to its fullest. Look for little pleasant things in every moment that could otherwise be unpleasant. Traffic can be a way to enjoy a song on the radio. There is always something good if you look for it.

The big question I have is when will the buyer for my house appear.

As we have said, it will appear when you have truly aligned with that outcome.

How about a hint?

You will let go of some of your fears this week and we want you to “give up” so to speak and just immerse yourself in the other tasks at hand. If you have been postponing some projects because you want to take care of the house first, we suggest that you start those projects as if the house has already been sold and then you will release the old vibrations for the new vibrations of the project. From there, you can raise your overall energy and attract your outcome through the raised vibration. You need to hold space for day to day life instead of holding space for the vacancy you feel of the solution of your issue at hand.


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