Angels and Demons

angel demonHappy belated Beltane! I don’t know about you, but now that winter has finally left, I have a lot of catching up to do outdoors. Living on a farm, that means a LOT of work. Good thing I enjoy it.  I had mentioned my next post would be about Angels and Demons, and here it is. What you’re reading below is the automatic writing that I do while connected to my guides. I fix the typos afterwards, as I write these blog posts. My questions are in standard text, the answers from my guides are in italics.  Got your own questions you want to see answered here? Send them to me, please!

Are you, my guides, the same as Source?  Yes we are the part of Source that you are comfortable connecting to, and who you are attached to.

Are you the same as Abraham? We are like Abraham in that we are the entites as you see them coming to assist you in your connection to Source. Source is infinite and because of this each person can feel a different aspect of it and although they may have the same energy, it is your personal experience in the physical that makes what you receive and interpret. The difference between two persons’ understanding and reception. But as long as the feeling is one of love and light you may be assured that this is coming through true [from Source].

What can you say to those who believe in demons, etc?  Demons are fear based and are created from within a person due to self limiting beliefs and powerlessness. It is not from Source. There are many bad feelings that exist in in the world as you know it and some people attach to this feeling because it inspires them to imagine a stronger good which is good, and we find that the demons of one’s fear creation are important to that person for sending out a stronger desire to see good and for that there is always good. For without the dark you don’t know the light so the saying you have goes.  Always the feeling of Source is that of good feeling and we want you to know how much love we have for you here and to enjoy every feeling of love and uplift that you find in a day.

Wow, that is not what I expected to receive today but this is amazing.

We feel you are ready now to feel these things and share them with people. You have anxiety about the expansion of our presence and you need to move into that to reach higher levels of connection to Source.

What advice do you have today?


All that matters is to attend to your daily to-do list with love and light for each item.

So there you have it, these are some questions that I ask when I don’t have anyone else’s questions.  Yes, I am a little freaked at the strengthening communication  with my guides, but I’m more excited than freaked.  Seriously though, send in your questions.  That way I can ask questions so that I know you’d be interested to hear the answers.

Image used: I could not find the artist credit for this image, it’s all over the internet as “Alchemy vs Doctrinus.”

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